Setting up WordPress

so you can contribute to WordPress core


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This talk is for WordPress developers that:

  1. Know how to install WordPress locally
  2. Know the basics of SVN or Git on the command line
  3. Want to learn how to contribute to WordPress Core

3 options for setting up a dev site:

  1. Simple Setup (SVN)
  2. Advanced Setup (Git and Grunt)
  3. VVV Setup (SVN and Grunt)
Simple: Step #1

SVN Checkout WordPress trunk

svn co your-dir-here
Simple: Step #2

Install WordPress

Simple: Step #3

Edit some files, then create a patch

svn diff > my-patch-name.patch
Simple: Step #4

Review your patch

Advanced: Step #1

Install all the things




Advanced: Step #2

Git clone the latest files from

$ git clone git:// your-dir
Advanced: Step #3

Install node modules

$ npm install
Advanced: Step #4

Build WordPress core

$ grunt
Advanced: Step #5
Advanced: Step #6

Install WordPress

Advanced: Step #7

Edit some files in the /src/ dir, run grunt then git diff

VVV: Step #1

Install all the things


Virtual Box

Varying Vagrant Vagrants

VVV: Step #3

Edit some files in the /src/ dir, run grunt then svn diff

Thank you!